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inspiring unity through empowering Fashion

We all have a part to play in raising awareness around equality, diversity and other important issues that we are currently facing.


In a world that has become increasingly divided, Born Equal's goal is to promote togetherness and show that there is more that pulls us together than pushes us apart. 

Our apparel allows our growing community to be the voice of change and be messengers of our mantra, #HumanityIsUnity.

Let us inspire change together!



92 million tons of textile goes to waste in the fashion industry each year. For this reason Born Equal will only produce your garment once your order has been processed.


Printing this way means we can avoid overproduction and textile waste. Our partners work with printers who produce almost zero wastewater and low energy consumption, lowering carbon footprint. Printers use water-based vegan inks of the highest quality. Inks are non-hazardous, toxin free, biodegradable and contain no animal by-products.

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